Welcome to my English page !
Estelle Martine, Naturopathe à Annemasse

Considering how close we are to Geneva, I figured I might have English-speaking people coming to me and here is the reason for this page!

But first, let me introduce myself and my job to you: my name is Estelle and I am a naturopath. Maybe the term doesn’t ring any bell, so here is a little explanation. A naturopath is someone who will help you maintain or recover your vitality, through several options. The first one is nutrition. We have all heard health organizations’ guidelines as to what we should put on our plates…and yet!
I can guide you so that what you eat is exactly what you need. You will wonder if it’s anything like a diet. It’s not. I will never talk about calories, but will show you what your options are to make your meals as nutritious as possible FOR YOU.
I will look at your health and fitness regime. You feel you don’t have one? Come to me and we will set up a plan that you can easily put in place.
I will also ask you numerous questions regarding your health and your personal history (and might also ask about your family’s) so that I can have a clear picture and see where the priorities are.
The picture wouldn’t be complete without looking at your psychological and emotional welfare. I can introduce you to tools to help you manage your stress, anger or anxiety levels.
In naturopathy, we believe that the body has its own natural resources, and all we need is to get the keys to achieve optimal well-being. This is what naturopathy can do for you.

What other tools are there for me to help you?

Physical activity, stress management, meditation, hydrology, essential oils, gemmotherapy, phytology, the Bach flowers…are as many options to explore together.

Why come and see me specifically?

A few years ago, I was a very stressed English teacher and I developed breast cancer. It took a whole year out of my life and I hated being “a patient”. Could I have avoided it? I believe so. Therefore, I decided to change my life around, to learn how to take care of my own health, and to become the best possible version of me. I ran my first marathon after making a full recovery. Today, I am a fully trained naturopath, I am passionate about what I do and I want to help you take your well-being into your own hands.

You need someone to talk to about your health, and you want to do it in English? Come and meet me in Annemasse, take some time just for yourself!

The practice welcomes everybody and provides easy access to all: tram stop, bus stop, parking facilities nearby…

Because YOU matter…

We live in a world that leaves us very few opportunities to really focus on our health as a whole. The impact of daily stressors on our bodies can be slow but will eventually take their toll. Which is why it’s crucial to give ourselves some « me time ». The advantage of Naturopathy is its holistic approach to health. It shows you how the various things that you do (or do not do) affect both body and mind. It gives you all the tools you need to recover your emotional, psychological and physical balance. Physiological issues often have their root cause in a specific emotional turmoil, which can trigger a chain reaction of symptoms. A naturopath is there to find this cause. Hence the time I take to go into details and to get to know you: so that I can spot the problem and work out a solution designed especially for you. Do note that as a naturopath, I will never ask you to stop or alter any medical treatment without your doctor’s consent.

Because you matter